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Greek government says no limit on bank withdrawals for foreign tourists

Tourists staying in Greece and anyone with a credit card issued in a foreign country will not be affected by the measures to limit bank withdrawals newly imposed by the Greek government, it said in a statement late Sunday night. The statement informed "anyone visiting or about to visit Greece" that the capital control measures announced a few hours earlier "do not apply to those wishing to make transactions and withdrawals with a credit card issued in their home country." [AFP]

Sailors call off ferry strike

Ferry’s will be operating normally on Tuesday (June 30th, 2015) as Greece’s seamen have decided to call of their strike due to the latest political and economic developments. The seamen’s union, PNO, called the strike because they feel their collective work contracts are not being respected by some firms. However, PNO said Sunday that the strike would be postponed so passengers would be free to travel ahead of Sunday’s referendum on whether Greeks should accept lenders’ bailout proposals. (Kathimerini)

travel to Crete minoangreece travel guide ancient minoan house snakesGreece's main museums and archaeological sites Hours Expanded

Hellas-Greece’s most popular museums and archaeological sites will be open for longer from Wednesday, April 1st 2015.The extended timetable, introduced for the first time last year, will run until October 31. Sites, including the Acropolis, Sounio, Vergina and Delos, will be open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., while museums will open their doors at 8 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. (Tip from Harry: many museums are closed Mondays - check out the museum guide with contact info)

Kri Kri endangered island goatGreece's Beaches 3rd Cleanest in the World 2015

395 Greek beaches and nine marinas won the international quality Blue Flag award this year, putting Greece in third place worldwide among 50 countries, according to the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature (EEPF).

The beaches not only need to have excellent quality bathing waters. They also need to meet 32 criteria, which refer to cleanliness, organization, information, swimmer and visitor safety, protection of the natural wealth of the beach and coastal area, as well as environmental awareness.

Getting the most out Harry's Greece Travel Guide

Travel in Greece Help the BirdsDepending on which aspect of the owls' wisdom you admire the most, everyone has their own idea of what a visit to Greece should include. Certainly you don't want to pay too much. No fear of that if you book through this site. Links at the top of every page.

To help prioritize, I made it as easy as I could to find the major sites and fun spots too! Cultural, lingual, and practical information is all there for you too. Using the drop down menu at the top of every page. The Far Left button lets you freely access each of the 12 or so different areas of HGTG.

mykonos town harbourOn the subject of your lodging location, consider techno noise at night - revelry or quiet is something to consider when visiting Mykonos or Santorini known for their bacchanalian rites of summer and historically important sights/sites being Delos and Akrotiri.

Here is a big tip! Mykonos has deep azure sea with great visibility. Santorini does not. It has sheer drop off with little to reflect the light. Also sunny black sand is not 'cool'.

The two islands are a study in contrasts.

In Santorini, absolutely lodge cliff side with pool. Pay a bit more and talk about it for the rest of your life. After seeing the amazing caldera from your infinity pool while sipping the islands many wines, then maybe take the bus to the beaches to see what I mean.


SantoriniOiaMykonos has many nice beaches approachable via rental, scooter and public bus.  Most visitors correctly stay in Mykonos town where once again noise may be an issue for you. Instruct your travel agent as to your preference.

Destinations on and off the main routes are to be found in the menu at the top of every page. Many top ten destinations include a classical ruin and a beach. You are never more than a 2 hour drive from the Mediterranean when in Greece. Here are a few other hot tips!

KaryatididKaryatididTip One: See Athens on the return leg of your journey to the Greek islands to avoid ferry cancellations due to the annual Meltemi winds. One less thing to worry about.
Arrange to arrive in Athens early in the morning to make your ferry other wise spend the night.
Want to know how to take the metro to get to Piraeus from the "ATH" airport? (Allow 2 hours minimum please!)



click for Delphi Guide

Tip Two: That's me 'chillin out' at the Oracle of Delphi where you don't need the Pythoness to tell you that early in the a.m. - which in order to avoid the throngs, for all major Ancient Greek classical sites is your target time - you need a windbreaker even in August.  A light jacket.


PACK A WINDBREAKER Greece is windy and don't let anybody tell you different.
It can and does get chilly at night even in summer AND especially on islands where the wind can blow for days at a time and frequently does!
Especially in the spring and summer! Aeolos is the ancient Greek wind God and he gets in your face.
There is a good reason for the The aptly named Tower of Winds at the very end of Aeolos street at the feet of the Parthenon in Athens Historic district known as the Plaka. Plaka can be fun.


its the same species of owl

The 2 tourism links in the menu above offers many attractions around Athens & Greece both traditional and alternative.

Enjoy Greece in a myriad of different ways among which I can recommend the four day tour to Delphi - its a decent value and you can meet people if you want - check out the Delphi Museum snaps I took!


Tip Three: Sensible shoes/sandals and a hat you can fold up and even swim with while so accoutered are among the first things you should pack! See more Greece summer or winter packing tips. For stuff to buy here including clothes and souvenirs click.


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