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Greek Food and Wine Guide Page 2

Greek Appetizers (mezedes) or Starters (orektika) and Salads (salates)

How to Order Greek Food


Horiatiki Salatagreek,greece,greek food ~ Village Salad

There are a variety of different salads available depending on the season. Romaine is the most common type of lettuce with Bib or Boston lettuce and Roka only available at supermarkets or farmers markets. Nouvelle cuisine restaurants will have salads with more exotic and expensive ingredients such as these. Nutritionally void iceberg lettuce is unknown in Greece in contrast to the United States where you cant get a Greek salad without it. Green and red cabbage is also a very healthy and popular alternative to lettuce salads and quite common. Salads may be ordered without either as in the popular Village Salad pictured left. The mainstay salad of Greece is the Village salad or "Hor-ia-ti-kee Sa-la-ta" and comprised of Feta, tomatoes, cucumber, green peppers, olives, oregano, some times capers (ca-pa-ri).

Oil and Vinegar Dressing ~ no French, Blue Cheese or Vinaigrette

greece,greek,greekGenerally your Horiatiki Salata will not already be dressed for you with oil and vinegar.You can dress it yourself (left). Oft times, lemon/ "Le-mo-Ni" is used instead of vinegar and goes particularly well with a shredded cabbage (La-ha-No) salad!

There are no other kinds of salad dressings in a typical traditional taverna. Olive oil is the best vegetable oil for you anyway so go for it. It is fattening however. Not to put too fin a point on it but if you know how you can order all types of salads provided the ingredients are available. A mixed salad is called "A-na-meek-Ti" with lettuce, carrots and cabbage (no tomato/no feta).



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