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Greece Travel: Cell Phones in Greece

My own Cell Phone in Greece?

What a Great Idea!
Never be out of touch!
An English speaking operator is available for assistance 24 hours a day.


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Thank you for your interest in our phones.

We offer a rather unique service to our customers. We rent cellular phones that will enable you to enjoy your holiday with greater peace of mind, security, and convenience.

Peace of mind, because your loved ones, business, and friends back home will always be able to find you by phone, should the need arise, no matter where you may be roaming throughout Greece, the Greek islands, and even beyond theborders of Greece, including Cyprus and Turkey.

Security, because you will be able to place calls at almost any time and place to any telephone number in the world (except for access to long distance calling card providers such as AT&T, MCI, Sprint, etc.) in case of
an emergency or any other sudden need.

Convenience, because you wont need to wander off in search of a pay phone or need to try and figure out how to use it or any of the various phone cards that have flooded the market. All you will need to do is to pick up your own cell phone and dial the number you would like to reach.

Please carefully read the following text in order to get all the answers to all the questions you might have and to fully acquaint yourself with all the various features of our phones and service.


We rent to our customers a cellular phone for a flat fee of Euros 135.00 for
a period of anywhere between 1 and up to 45 days. We charge an additional Euros 100.00 as a guarantee deposit for the safe return of the phone within
the standard 45 day rental period. We charge an additional Euros 60.00 for that corresponding amount of pre-installed calling credits. When the phone is returned in good working order, our customers receive a refund for the Euros 100.00 guarantee deposit and for whatever excess calling time credits are
left to the phone's credit. The phone comes with a fully charged battery and a standard AC outlet battery charger. 12 volt battery chargers for use on sailboats or cars are available if you need one. We will deliver and pick up your phone to and from any hotel in the Athens area for free! Otherwise, if you need the
phone to be delivered to a hotel or other place outside of Athens, then a small
delivery fee will need to be charged. Otherwise, if you prefer, you can pick up your phone from our centrally located office in downtown Athens at the following address:

Greece Travel Phones
38 Voulis Street
Athens, 10557 Greece
Tel. 011-30-210-322-4932, Fax 011-30-210-324-9104

Our office operating hours are as follows: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Mondays through Fridays

With our phones you can call anywhere in the world as well as receive phone calls from anywhere in the world. While calls you place are charged against your phone's pre-paid for calling credits, all incoming calls are free to
you. Only the caller pays whatever his or her long distance telephone service provider charges for calls to Greece. This is probably the most important feature that our phone's offer. While you can always use the
phone to make your important calls, you can save a lot of money by having everyone "call you" instead of you calling them. Your calls are charged to you on a per second basis, therefore you can place very short calls to people in which you can ask them to call you back if you need to speak for more than a few moments. You can place a call to any number in the world with only one exception, you can't place "800" number phone calls to access long distance "Calling Card" telephone service providers such as AT&T, MCI, Sprint, and others.

Phone calls to the U.S., Canada, and Europe cost Euros 0.89 per minute.

Local calls (anywhere in Greece) cost Euros 0.59 per minute. The above amounts are deducted from your phone's pre-paid calling units. If you expect to need more calling time, then you can either get us to pre-program extra units to your phone's credit or you can add more yourself (see the section below entitled "Extra Talking Time Units" for details.)


To order a phone simply fill out the order form that we have sent as an attachment to this email message and email it back to us. For payment, due to the highcost ofcredit card transactions and because of the high risk involved in sendingcredit card information over the internet, we have decided to cease accepting credit
cards for payment. This leaves us with several other means of payment that are far
safer and much less costly to both us and you.

1. Payment in cash upon delivery of the phone at your hotel in the Athens
area. (Note that cash payment is only possible for deliveries within the Athens area.)

2. Send us a money order or your personal check through the mail. If you are going to pay in U.S. funds, we will advise on what the dollar amount will bedepending on the prevailing exchange rate on the day we receive your emailed order.
Please note that we must receive all personal checks within 10 days of delivery. Make
all money orders and checks payable to: Stamos Mazarakis

3. Send money through Western Union.

4. Send money through PayPal.

All refunds will either be made in cash or by bank draft.

We will deliver and pick up the phone from you at any hotel or other place within the Athens area for free, except for the Sofitel at the Airport, which is considered to be outside the Athens area for delivery and pickup purposes.

If you need to receive or to have the phone picked up at the Sofitel or at any other hotel elsewhere in Greece then an additional fee of Euros 15.00 will be required for "Courier Delivery Service" for each delivery or pickup
including all the islands.

We can also make special arrangements to deliver or pick up the phone from you at the airport, but this service is rather expensive and costs Euros 25.00 for delivery and another Euros 25.00 to pick it up. This rather high delivery and pickup cost is due to the fact that Athens has a new airport, which is quite far outside of the city.

The standard cell phone comes with Euros 60.00 worth of telephone talking time units. If you need more calling units, you can either buy extra units from any of thousands of purchasing points all over Greece that display the logo "B-FREE" or you can order your particular phone to have as many extra units you feel
that you might need. Obviously the cell phone price will increase accordingly, but you will be refunded for any amount that is left over to your phone's credit when you return it.

Extra units are sold in the following increments and corresponding costs:

Euros 7.00

Euros 15.00

Euros 30.00


If you do run out and need to add more talking time to your phone, then you will need to purchase a "B-FREE" cell phone talking time recharge card from any of the thousands of sales points all over Greece and then you will need to install the units into your phone. To do so please follow these simple instructions:

1. Remove the card from the cellophane wrapper.
2. Using a coin or key and scratch off the graphite on the back of the card in order to expose the hidden 16 digit card code.
3. Dial the number "1268" from your cell phone and listen for the automated operator to begin her little speech.
4. Punch in the first 4 digit group and check the number to be sure it corresponds with what the operator will repeat back at you.
5. If it is correct then press the "hash" or pound button " # ". If you made a mistake then press the asterisk button " * " and re-punch in the mistaken 4 digit number segment.
6. Now punch in the next group of 4 digits again checking the number against the number the automated operator will repeat back to you.
7. If it is correct then press the "hash" or pound button " # ". If you made a mistake then press the asterisk button " * " and re-punch in the mistaken 4 digit number segment.
8. Repeat the same procedure for the next 4 digit segment and again for the last 4 digit segment.

The automated operator will tell you at the end if you successfully renewed your calling time units or not. If you were successful then you may discard the now useless recharge card. If you were not successful then hold on to
the card and go through the process again more carefully.

You can find out how many units you have left on your phone by simply dialing the number 1269 and then hit the "Dial" button. An English-speaking operator will tell you exactly how many credits you have left in Euros.

The phones feature a voice mail service so that when the phone is either turned off or when it is out of range a caller will be prompted to leave you a message. When the phone is turned back on or when it is again within reception range messages can be retrieved. You will know that you have a message when a tiny "envelope" appears on the screen of your phone. Simply dial "122" and you will here all your messages. After you've heard each message press the number "7" key to delete that message. The operator will then ask you to press the "7" key in order to "confirm deletion". If you don't press the "7" key twice, then the message you just heard will remain in your voice mailbox for up to 30 days. Please note that should you travel on a cruise ship, which might visit Turkey, or should you travel to any other foreign country outside the territorial area of Greece, then the phone will automatically disable the voice mail feature. This is due to the fact that while in "Roaming" mode, the phone can't place calls and therefore you can't access your Voice Mail-Box. If someone calls you about something important, it would be preferable that he or she try again later rather than he or she to leave an important message on a Voice Mail-Box that you can't access. Once you return to Greece, you can enable your voice mail feature again. Contact us and we will assist you.

Our clients can submit a list of up to 12 names and telephone numbers which we will pre-program into their phone's memory. This list should be submitted by email at least 1 week prior to the client's arrival.

An important added feature is that which we provide in the form of narratives given in 4 different languages (English, Italian, German, & Greek) that describe the points of interest within each particular geographical area the phone is located in. All you need to do is dial "1230" from your cell phone. First you will be asked which language you would like to hear the narration in. Press 2 for English. Then a pre-recorded narration will describe to you in 3 minute segments the important facts about the points of interest in that particular vicinity.
For example, if you call from the center of Athens you can hear narratives about the Acropolis, the Ancient Agora, the National Archaeological Museum, and 3 other sites of interest, on Crete you will here about the temple of Knossos, on Mykonos you will here about Delos, etc. Each 3 minute segment will deduct approximately US$2.00 from your phone's calling units.

Reception is excellent throughout Greece. Of course, because of the fact that Greece is a very mountainous country, there are a few areas where reception is weakened. Reception will be significantly weakened when the
phone is on a sailboat out to sea. There aren't any cell phone antennae out in the middle of the ocean, therefore the phone won't work out in the middle of the sea. As your boat approaches a populated island or mainland the
phone will search out and log onto the nearest antennae. During the time that your phone will be "out of range" your voice mail service will record any incoming messages for you and notify you of the number of messages you
have in your voice mailbox. Generally, though, the entire country is covered very well. In those instances where you don't have a good enough signal then your voice mail service will record any incoming calls you would have otherwise missed.

While outgoing calls can only be made within the boundaries of Greece and the Greek islands, incoming calls can be accepted anywhere in Europe, Turkey, Egypt, and Israel as well. Once the phone leaves the territorial
area of Greece it switches to "Roaming" mode and can only receive calls. Therefore while you are on a cruise ship visiting ports in Turkey such as Ephesseus or Istanbul you will be able to receive phone calls. The caller
pays the standard rate his "long distance" provider charges, and your phone consumes units at the prevailing "Roaming Charge" rate of the country you are in. Therefore, if you plan on using the phone outside of Greece, you should install sufficient "B-Free" pre-paid calling units into your phone so that you will be able to receive all the calls you expect to be receiving.(Whenever the cruise ship is within the territorial waters of
Greece and near enough to a land or island based antenna the phone returns to standard cell phone mode and you can again place calls yourself as well as receive calls, but note that you will have lost your voice mail feature. See the section on Voice Mail for details.)

In order to receive a refund on your deposit we must receive the phone within 45 days of delivery. If you need to keep the phone longer, your"guarantee deposit" will be adjusted at a rate of -10% per week beyond the
45 days. Otherwise, you may simply elect to keep the phone and thereby forfeit your deposit. Remember that the phone and charger must be in good working order upon their return. If your schedule does not leave you enough time to come to Athens and return the phone yourself then you can have us pick up the phone from your hotel, but that hotel must be located within the Athens Area. Another option is to simply mail it back to us in an
appropriately lined package. There is a post office in the Athens Airport Terminal. This

Post Office is open 7 days a week from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM. There you can purchase an appropriate envelope and simply mail it back to our address as listed above at a nominal cost. Otherwise you can take it with you to your home country and you can send it as letter mail (the phone and battery charger are very light). For example, from the U.S. you can mail it to us for as little as $8.40. Please be certain to insure the phone and charger for ONLY Euros 100.00 when mailing it back. If you insure it for more, the Greek customs authorities will apply as much as Euros100.00 in import duties.

Obviously we would not pay that amount in order to accept the return of the phone and the phone would be returned to you. Therefore, please, insure it for only Euros 100.00.

If you have any further questions or need further clarifications please feel
free to contact me directly.

Regards from sunny Athens,
Tom Mazarakis
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