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Mycenae:The Citadel of Agamemnon Page 1

click lgAncient Mycenae, like most Greek site names, can be spelled, as you may have noticed, several different ways. Mykines, Mycene, Mycenaea, Mycini, Mycenne, Mykhnai are but a few.

Click map left to see larger. As you will see there are many ancient classical sites in close proximity.

But however you spell it, this is a site worth visiting. In fact, it is definitely in the list of top ten if not top five ancient sites to visit in Greece which include the classical Acropolis of Athens, The Hephaistion of Athens ( the best preserved temple in Greece), Delphi, Olympia, Cape Sounion and Epidavros (the best preserved theater in Greece). Mycenaea pre dates classical Greece.
Mycenaea's near by neighbor Tyhrins should not be missed either.

Ways to Visit Mycenaea

the back cistern secret stairsgreece greek travel tourism history mycenae ancientMost of you will visit Mycenaea by tour bus which is a good choice since a guide is provided, you will be picked up and returned to your hotel and you cant get lost. Tours don't cost very much either. There are a variety of tours available in several different languages with English being the most common. Secret Cistern Stairs in photo.

You could easily rent a car however, as its only about 80 km from Athens, or an easy 2 hour drive, and the Peloponnese has much to offer in the way of antiquities and natural beauty.

If I were to plan such an excursion I would definitely try to find a hotel in Naufplion as its the nicest town by far in the Peloponnese and has a lot to offer itself! Monemvasia is a close second but further south. Naufplion however, doesn't have a lot of hotels and the hotels it does have fill up so; Tolo, the near by resort, is a great alternative and has a nice beach to boot!

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