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Greece Travel Destinations: Osios Loukas Monastery
Greek Orthodox Byzantine Monastery 1011 AD

Greek Orthodox Byzantine Monastery Osios Lukas Sites GreeceThis site is near theSanctuary of the Oracle of Delphi and where the best accommodations are to be found. The near by Parnassos National Park is of great beauty and recommended!

Founded in about 1011 AD, the monastery of Osios Lukas is dedicated to a local Greek holy man who endured much suffering at the hands of the Moors and Saracens and finally made his home in this remote area of central Greece. Built upon the foundations of an earlier religious structure dating from 944 AD this octagonal Byzantine structure is a hallmark of medieval church design and in excellent condition containing many well preserved mosaics and paintings.

Greek Orthodox Byzantine Monastery Osios Lukas Sites GreeceGreek Orthodox Byzantine Monastery Osios Lukas Sites GreeceDuring the War of Independence of 1821, the area saw frequent fighting and cannons remain in the courtyard. Today the site is less a monastery and more a monument with only 20 monks rotating on duty as caretakers. The near by Parnassos Mountains contain some of Greece's most idylic scenery and a national park.Lukas family fled the island of Aegina to escape the Saracens and he was born in Kastri, near close by Delphi. Luke evidenced a contemplative spirit from childhood. Upon maturity he became reknown as a healer.

Around 940 AD, after gathering adherants, he chose this spot on the slopes of Mt. Helikon with its pastoral setting and rich bottom land to make his home. He later became known as one with the gift of prophecy. The monastery's precincts contain two seperate but joined churchs of two entirely different archetectural styles. The Church of Osios Loukas was built in the 11 C and the Church of Theotokos in the 10th. The monastery was severely damaged in an earthquake in the 16th C and restored during the 1960's.