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Kolonaki Square Athens Center Page 6

Filliki Eterias Square

in memory of patriots I dont care for this one myselfLeft are pictured two more of the squares sculptures. Far left in brass is the "Victory Celebration" by George Georgiadies.

And near right a generic bust of fighter-revolutionaries of the Greek War of Independence from the Sublime Porte (the Ottoman Turks) of Dodecanesian extraction specifically from the four islands of Patmos, Rhodes, Kassos and Leros.

As mentioned Kolonaki is officially known as Filliki Eterias Square. A Filliki Eteria is nominally a "friendly society" but in this case refers to the secret society founded in Odessa, Russia, 1814, during the tail end of the almost 400 year Ottoman occupation/domination of Greece.

The societies founders were 4 wealthy Greeks of the Greek diaspora whose goal was to seek Greece's Independence from the Turks "by any means possible".

The four main streets leading from the square: Skoufa, Anagnostopoulou, Xanthos and Tsakaloff are named after the founding members of the society.

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