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There is an open air Cinema in Dexameni, something you should take in at least once, if you never have, as part of the Grecian experience. They actually have snack-bars in most cinemas with whiskey, cognac and softer drinks too! The whiskey is something that I remember noticing as being at odds with our American theaters since I was a little kid and visiting with my folks. It is only in the last 15 - 20 or so years that "Bars" as we think of them, have become popular in Greece at all.

Bars, or rather; discotheques existed, but were for tourists or island venues and not a part of main stream Greek culture. Hubby didn't stop of for a few quick ones after work in Greece. He may have had a kilo or so of varellisio krasi (barrel wine) at the taverna however. Now after 31 years of westernization and TV, Greeks go to bars too and there are alcoholics as well. The price of capitalism and democracy or blind greed? I have watched TV change Greek culture. No pun intended. Kill your TV!

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