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Anafiotika Acropolis

Anafiotika Area of Athens: On the shoulder of the Acropolis

Built by the incredibly rocky Greek islands stone masons from the island of Anafi in the 1800's, when the law stated: "if you can build 4 walls and put a roof over it in 24 hours the land is yours", this charming historic area on the lower slopes of the Acropolis is steeped in tradition and its own unique ambiance. Now its worth millions too!

Its a bit hilly and much like an islands mountain Hora or main town. Confusing switch backs and whitewashed houses, terraced walkways and unexpected views. Getting lost is half the fun and very tame. Wander properly... follow the signs and you'll egress the hipper route to the Acropolis via its north slope and maybe avoid the 40 tour buses parked on its south side from dawn to dusk. Acropolis Entrance fee is 12 euros. Below left: the Island of Anafi and scenes from Anafiotika in Athens.
The views are among the best too!

Anafiotika Acropolis Anafiotika Acropolis Anafiotika Acropolis Anafiotika Acropolis