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Ancient Athens in Plaka
the Monument of Lysicrates & Lord Byron

The Choragic Monument of Lysicrates in Athens Plaka District Page 1

athens greece toursim guide monument of lysicratesIn the Plaka within a small square is erected a choragic monument in the form of a small circular temple called, you guessed it: the Monument of Lysicrates (334 BC.). It was erected to commemorate the Greater Dionysis series of plays and was one of many that used to line the street of Tripods now called Tripodon St.

What the heck is a choragic monument you may ask and do I care?

It means dance as in choreography, 2 Greek words which mean 'dance-write' or to design a dance.

What is know for sure is that its base is 13' high and 10' wide and made of stone from Poros Island and crowned with Hymettos marble instead of Pendellic. The monument its self is 21' high and 9' wide and is a monoptere rotunda of pendellic marble this time.

What's famous about this monument is it is the earliest use of Corinthian columns know and built in the 4th century BC. There is an inscription in ancient Greek still readable today that says:

"Lysicrates, son of Lysitheos, from Kikineus, was a choragus; the Acamantide tribe won the prize of the chorus of boys; Theon was a flute player; Lysiades, the Athenian was the teacher of the chorus; Evainetos was the Archon"

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