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best views of athens from Mt. LykThe distinctive conical shape of Mount Lykavittos is crowned by the church of Aghios Giorgos (Saint George) and dominates the skyline of Athens.

For first time visitors - en route from the airport by taxi, having your driver make Mt. Lykabbetus your very first destination, even for half an hour, is highly recommended. ( only 4 eu waiting time by taxi meter)

Mt. Lykabettus is centrally located and hardly at all out of your way for 90% of downtwon Athens hotels. From the summit's observation post, complete with binocular stands, visitors to Greece can see the whole city while orienting themselves to Athens most famous landmarks including a spectacular view of the Acropolis, Piraues and the Saronic Gulf. Its a crime not to enjoy this fabulous FREE view.



This is Lykavitos from Mars Hill under the Acropolis(Photos are of Lykavittos, which is a pre-Greek name and means: "the mountain of wolves", as seen from Kessariani Monastery)  Pronounced: lee-ka-veetos (only foreigners call it "Lyk a Bet us") Phote left from Mars Hill under Acropolis.

A little over 270 m tall, it is the highest point in the city and provides an excellent vantage point from where to get acquainted with both the modern and the ancient city. Bring a city map, preferably the ‘Historical Map of Athens’ (available at the National Archaeological Museum and other major ancient sites) to help orientate yourself.

From the posh neighborhood of Kolonaki, on the south side of Lykavittos, the walk uphill takes no more than 15 to 20 minutes. A broad paved path, the one also taken by the faithful on the Feast Day of Saint George (23 April), zigzags up from Aristippou street.

For those who dread the walk there is a funicular railway terminal above Kolonaki Sq. A large number of unpaved paths start from other places around the hill. A taxi will get you to the top for 3 eu and is the easiest way.

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