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Easy Greek Phonetic Phrases Page 1

You know how we English speakers say " It's Greek to me"?  Well, Greeks say "It's Chinese to me"

click to read this phrases shirtThere are many good texts on the Demotic (modern) Greek language. This guide is only intended to offer you the basics necessary to enhance you trip. I figure if you really want to learn Greek, you'll go out and find a book (try the public library) or one of the many good pocket size phrase books available.

In Greece in general, and on maps and street signs, place names are spelled differently by everybody including me... its a long story having to do with different conquerors trying to label things. A little bit of each language is left over. When not sure people guess how to spell things... its so darn hot!

Greeks are totally used to foreigners and don't really expect you to speak Greek but you'll have a better time if you know even a little. Just print this out and use it when you need it!

Many signs that you'll see are in both latin alphabet and Greek. They will help you figure out relationships between the alphabets. There are some letter combinations in upper case that are pronounced differently as well as single letters that are pronounced differently than the English; NT=D, B=V for example. A "g" is an upside down" L", an "L" is an upside down V, . A "th" sound is a O with a small horizontal bar in the middle of it.

A semicolon; is a question mark in Greek, they put periods where we would put commas in writing sums.

Basic Stuff

Please PA-Ra-Ka-Lo Thank You Ef-hari-sto Yes Neh
Water Ne-rho First class Pro-tos The-si-os No O-hee
Hello Ya-sou Second class Def-ter-os The-si-os Shit Skata
Good Bye Ya-sou Third Class Tri-ti The-si-os Jerk off Ma-la-kas
Good Morning Kali-Mera Why? Ya-ti Fuck Gha-moto
Good Evening Kali-spera My name is Me lene ______. Fuck off A ghamesou
Good Night Kali-neek-ta What's your name? Pos-se lene Fuck them ghameesetous
How are you? Tee-caneese I have a boyfriend Eh-Ho Fee-lo one en-ne
How are you? Plural Ti ka-ne-te I am not free(f) Then ei-me elef-ther-ee two thee-o
How much is it? Po-so ka-ni Leave me alone(f) A-se me e-se-hi Three tree-a
Where is it? Pou e-ne to Help Vo-eeth-ia Four te-se-ra
Hotel Xe-non-do-he-o Beat it/go Fee-ghe Five pen-de
Beach Plage I want that Thelo afto Six ex-ee
Bank E Tra-pe-za I want a little Thelo le-gha-kee Seven ep-ta
Bus to Le-o-for-ee-o What is that? Ti eine afto Eight oc-to
Trolley Tro-ley The check Lo-ghar-ia-smos Nine E-ne-a
Station Stath-mo I don't want Den thelo Ten De-ka
Port/Harbor Li-ma-ni Let's go Pa-me ass hole kathekee
Ticket E-ci-ti-ree-o I want to leave Thelo na fi-gho    
Train to Tre-no I don't feel well Den es-tha-nou-me Ka-la    

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