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The Pnyx continued Page 2

pnyx area mapThe Pnyx continued Page 2

Money Talked in Ancient Athens - some things never change!

Richer land owners voted first but these class-distinct restrictions were gradually eased over the years when even the landless peasants were allowed especially if they rowed the tri-emes city-state Athens so desperately need to enforce it empire or during the huge mistake, Peloponesian War, fight Sparta!

Early on the voting privilege was balanced by responsibility and attendance was mandatory not to say prudent too if you were a mover and shaker.

Unlike today, when the ancient Athenians discussed democracy back then, they played for keeps, and their elected officials were held accountable for their decisions. Maybe I was sick that day, but I never heard that aspect of democracy discussed in school or on the news either for that matter.

Being held accountable for your decisions could, in extreme cases, lead to exile or even execution depending on the offence. In fact, as a private citizen, one could be exiled even if not an elected official.