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The church of Aghios Dimitrios Loumbardiaris

The church of Aghios Dimitrios Loumbardiaris (Saint Demetrios the Cannoneer)

the church also has the only toilet in the area too!Located in the wooded saddle between the Pnyx and Mouseion, this small 15th century church provides a pleasant halting place after a stroll through the neighboring hills. There is a kafeneion next door.

The church has one aisle, with a simple vaulted roof and preserves some Byzantine wall paintings. The exterior of the church has been changed on a number of occasions, most recently during the 1950s by the well-known architect Dimitris Pikiones.

A typed-out sheet on the door of the church proudly tells the story of the miracle that gave Saint Dimitrios his epithet ‘Loumbardiaris’ (from Loumbarda, cannon) and saved the Christian congregation here from being massacred by the Turks.