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Athens Buses, Trolley & Tram Page 2
also Attika Regional Orange colored buses serving Athens
also Sporades and Cyclades departures via bus then boat

Athens Trolleys

being fazed out - older made in ussr trolleya 

newer trolleyHere pictured again, left and right, are the two types of trolley you may encounter in Athens. These also are non-pollutant to some extent running as they are by electricity supplied by unsightly cables suspended above the street. These cables are a sure tip-off that the trolley passes down the street where you see them. Unfortunately they mar the landscape and ruin many a photo opportunity. Occasionally the trolley man needs to stop and go around the back and re-connect the trolley to its power causing short delays.

The Tram

click to see largerDeparting right at Syntagma Sq. the tram is new and seems to be fast clean and cheap for the areas it covers.

Its above ground and its tracks run just like a regular road, so in many, but not all stretches, it is subject to traffic jams and lights just like a car. This can slow things down considerably compared to the the top speed and peppy acceleration these Italian designed and built futuristic carriages are capable of achieving! Be sure and be holding on tight when these babies get started!

tramOne of the best things you could do on the tram is go to the beach or to Glyfada sq for a nice meal and some shopping.

The other destination is Peace and Friendship Stadium in Phaliron as the map signifies. Click it if you want to see the whole tram route in English and Greek.

You could, after exhausting many other on foot, and central Athens possibilities, even use the tram for a cheap tour of these parts of the city. Glyfada is worth visiting at night too as there are several bars and restaurants not to mention zillions of boutiques and stores too. Its cooler by the sea side as well! You could swim from the beach, shower on the beach and dine in Glyfada Sq.

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