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Athens Buses, Trolley & Tram Page 5
also Attika Regional Orange colored buses serving Athens
also Sporades and Cyclades departures via bus then boat

Athens to Kymi to Skiros, Sporades

To get to Skyros is not so hard. You will take a 3 1/2 hr bus ride to Kimi in Evia and then a daily ferry. The buses leave twice a day from the Mavromateon Terminal and cost 8 EU. The ferries leave twice a day, take 2 hr. and cost 7 euros.

Athens to Allonisos by Flying Dolphin

Flying Dolphins serve: Allonyms 3 times per week, take 1 1/2 hr. and cost 27 euros.
Skopelos twice a week , cost 20 euros and take 2 hrs.

Athens to Skiathos, Skopelos and Allonisos via Aghios Konstandinos

One takes the bus from the Mavromateon terminal to Aghios Konstandinos
(every 2 hrs, takes 2 1/2 hrs, costs: 3 €) and then the ferry.

To Allonyms: Daily, 6 hrs, 13 €,
Skopelos, 3 daily, 3.50 €, 30 minutes.
Skiathos, 3 daily, 5 €.

Cyclades Island Group: Andros - Tinos - Mykonos via Rafina

There are a few Cycladic Islands served (in high season more often) by the port of Rafina, these include Andros, Tinos, and Mykonos.

Every morning at 8 AM
Every afternoon June 15th - Aug. 31st at 2:15 PM
Every afternoon at 5 PM or so.
Call the Port Authority of Rafina for more info Tel: 2294-22-888

Cyclades & NE Aegean Island Groups: Paros - Naxos and Lesvos via Rafina

Boats go to Paros, Naxos and Lesvos as well but less often... so call if you want to leave from Rafina but there is no reason to, if you are already in Athens with Piraeus so near!

OK there is one reason, if you are in a hurry, some Flying Dolphins leave from there that don't from Piraeus and they are quicker but you have to take a bus to get to them and they cost more.

more? oasa.gr/index.asp?asp=sitemap.asp
..pdf map of Athens bus, tram and everything routes?

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