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Parallel to one another and sharing a sloped glass ceilinged building you will find the meat market (above) and the fish market (below right). 

the market when openAthens Central Markets on Athinas Street Page 2

Across the street are the open air stalls of the the vegitable market.

FISH mkt closed click to see largerThe market is accessiible from three sides, but the main entrances are on the ATHINAS street side, and before you even enter the building itsself you'll see the easy to carry, point of purchase item like pistachio, peanuts, walnuts, hazel nuts, currants, dried fruits and so on!

Odd mysterious looking items tempt the eye while inches away live snails cavort awaiting their fate at the hands of saligarophagae. Its overwhelming really!

In plain English there is a ton of of stuff awaiting you in this picturesque destination in central Athens.

Highlights of the Market Area

meat market early amBesides muscle meats, fresh, cured and and smoked and the fresh fish you'll see basics including cooking oils, dried goods like rice, pulse, legumes, canned goods as in locally caught fish; mackerel, squid and sardines. Greek cheeses and olives are everywhere but the nuts, which are locally grown, are what you should really consider buying a half kilo or so of. Honey is good too!

Now I realize most of you dont live here and have no use for fresh raw meat or fish so why come to the market you may ask?

Yet another reason to mosey on down this way is that on the way on Athinas Street alone you will see items ranging from those you may have forgotten to pack to those you never considered owning in your life! but an interesting melange to be sure.

various nutsNuts in Greece really excellent and make a great gift! Easy to carry and with a decent shelf life you could easily make your own nutritious trail mix by just adding to your favorite nut mix some world famous Currants from Corinth or plain old raisins of which there are two types to choose from: black or gold!

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