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this is the entrance for hipster on aeolou st just parallelAthens Central Markets on Athinas Street Page 3

Click this pohto below left and you will obtain a good more 

nutspicture of just some of the basic bounty that Greece has to offer. Pistachios, dried appricots, prunes, dates, walnuts, almonds and more. These are some of the homegrown foodstuff for which Greece is famous.

Greek spices and teas are light weight, fresh, very inexpensive and make a great gift. The spice and tea merchant below is in the corner of Athinas and Euripidies Street (Evrepidou) near the market.

This photo on the right is one of the three connecting entrances for hipsters on Aeolou St. just parallel to Athinas!

the vegitable market is across the streetSandals, shoes, clothing, leather bags, hardware, plumbing supplies, luggage, kitchen items, wine making supplies, alcohol stills and brass ware to name but a few. Additionally you'll wonder about the Saintly icons and exotic looking church incense imported from exotic places like Syria, Nubian and Egypt! How about those brass incense censors and the other Greek Orthodox religious paraphernalia available in certain stores. Some designers I have seen make cool lamps out of these.

And if that isn't enough for us male visitors, the market area or Athinas Street itself is also one of the best places in Athens to buy power tools! (A German chain called Prakiter is good to, like Home Depot) There are locally made knives including cleavers which may interest you chefs. After all there are many butchers working within the market so ingenious kitchen gadgets may be discovered. If there is any initiative at all left in Greece you will find it in the central market.
For more on Athens' central market please see the Greek food and wine guide.

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