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Ostraka vote - you dont want one of these with your name on it!If you were a big enough problem and 6,000 people wanted to exile you, once a year they could (vote) ostracize you by writing your name on a broken piece of clay pot they called an ostraka, many of which have survived and are on display in various museums you can visit like Keramikos, the Greek Agora museum and the National Archeology museum too!

If there is an example of more than one type of democracy, and we hear about those all the time, then this, the Athenian one, is darn near the original version! And I vote for this obscure rule to be enforced today as a requirement to serve in public office.

These two particular gents, Kimon and Miltiadies, ostracized here in the example were generals or strategoi who latter returned to Athens in time of war to help in the agona or struggle. Strategy is a Greek word meaning a soldier with the rank of General a Strategos.

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