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The Pnyx continued Page 6

Visiting the Pnyx is also a photo opportunity ~ click to see larger

cant proove it by me view of two major monuments in Athens the observatory of Athens not a whole lot left is there? pnyx map provided free click to see lrg click to see lrg acropolis and lykavittos views

the sanctuary cave of "Pan"The Pnyx, whose name drives from the Greek word for 'brick', was one of the more densely populated areas of ancient Athens. The remains of Classical streets and houses and a small, rock-cut sanctuary to Pan (right) can be seen at the northern foot of the hill, near the corner of Apostolou Pavlou (Apostle Paul) and Aiyinitou street (below left).

approaching the lower entrance pnyxclick to see largerFrom the end of the 6th century BC, the area near the summit of the Pnyx served as the open-air meeting place of the Athenian Assembly (Ekklesia). It was here that famous statesmen and politicians, among them Themistokles, Perikles and Demosthenes, would address their fellow citizens and put forth their proposals.

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