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The Pnyx: a walk in the park

Nature is the thing that makes the Pnyx worth visiting. Its on a rocky knoll to the southwest of the Acropolis between the Hill of Nymphs and Philopapo Hill and its usually beautiful and deserted if you are lucky.

In fact its one of the least visited, yet more scenic sites of Athens; modern or ancient. After all, this Pnyx area is one of the few green areas of Athens, the least green capitol city in Europe. There are evergreen trees here all year long guaranteeing some green no matter the season.

there was a wedding in progressThere are two entrances and exits to the Pnyx, an upper and a lower. The upper is accessed via a stone paved path just near the small 15th century Church St. Demitrios Lombardairis which you will come to as you trod the stone paved paths in search of the Pnyx across from the Acropolis south slope. One could, as we did, enter via the upper entrance and exit via the lower which brings you out near the Thession Area and the Greek Agora on the other side of the Acropolis on Aiyinitou street.

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