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Kolonaki Square Athens Center Page 3

 a shoe store with 

un-comfortable looking womens shoesBelow left is a snap shot of Benetton, another global chain, then center an independent men's clothing store and then a Greek woman's shoe store. Click to see them larger.

There are many other boutiques hidden in little spots and lots of interesting fashions to discover. This is the city center or one of them and its not a mall.

But now, with globalization, a lot of these independently owned clothing stores are seeing hard times. Greece has its own shoe making industry however, so it can compete directly with European and American shoe manufactures but not Asian.



a mens store click largerIt has those beat, hands down however, for quality and style! In Greece, you get what you pay for and more and usually for less when it comes to shoes, compared to, say, Saks or Barney's.



here is the benetton 

store click largerBelow right is Zara's flag ship Athens store, which has put several local independent boutiques out of business.

Its at the corner of Pindar (Pindarou) and Skoufa street. Bottom center is a housewares store called "Exceptionnel" and below right a trendy, pouty, look but don't touch juniors boutique called Miss Sixty. (Don't ask me who thought up that name)



Heres Zara housewares trendy juniors boutique

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