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Still Not everybody has the big bucks Kolonaki clothing stores command, so If you are on a budget for Roo-Ha or clothing then you are in luck because in the last 2 or 3 years, in greater Athens, have opened over 4,000 Chinese clothing stores with really inexpensive product. These Chinese stores are worth checking out for certain items where there isn't a whole lot of selection in the market place anyway, say for example, a bath robe or slippers for your Mom perhaps? Those cost 1/4 the price of a Greek store with similar quality product. With 4,000 stores you will happen upon these Chinese emporiums with alarming regularity and unfortunately these 4,000 stores don't even bring jobs to Greece as all the employees appear to be Chinese themselves. Hello? Put us out of business and don't even hire us? As yet there are no Chinese stores in Kolonaki that I know of probably because they cant afford the rent.

Below left is the original Everest sandwich shop which started the whole trend of fast food chain-stores in Greece back in the late '70's. Center is Starbucks in their dinky little store 1/2 a block from the square and far right one of the several pedestrian walkways which face the square. These walkways invariably offer a people-watching-coffee-drinking opportunity.

Everest sandwich store 

the original Starbucks can afford the rent  a ped 

st with cafes "Milioni st"

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