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Island Features

greece greek islands travel tourism guide andi-paros cycaldesAntiparos, which means 'opposite Paros' is the less visited of the two islands. Its popularity and prices have been increasing in the last few years.

This small island is the largest of a group of islands near the coast of Paros including Despotikon, Kavouras, Diplo, Saliagos and Strongilo. Though short, the ride from Paros to Antiparos can be choppy, so it's wise to be prepared if you get motion sickness or if you have expensive cameras to protect from the spray.

Antiparos is well known for its abundant supply of fresh octopus. There may or may not be any truth to the notion that octopus is an aphrodisiac, but the population of this once-deserted island is increasing, so what can we say?

greece greek islands travel tourism guide andi-paros cycaldesThere's a small castle, a good beach–Psaraliki–and a beach where the sunsets are famous, appropriately named Sunset Beach. South of the cave, there's a beach with a resort at Ag. Georgios.

The islands main port and capital Antiparos Town is built around the keep of the Venetian medieval castle and the outermost row of houses comprises the enceinte or outer wall. The town is also refered to as 'Kastro' or Castle.

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