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The Basics

Quick Facts: Paxi
Pronunciation pahx-ee
Alternate Spelling Paxoi Paxi Paxee
Transportation Ferry, water taxi
Main Attractions Sea Grottoes
Food Limited but good choices
Accommodations Limited but good choices

 paxi paxoi greek islandsPaxi Page 1

 paxi paxoi greek islandsOne of the smallest islands of Greece and with some of the friendliest islanders, Paxoi, and its southern neighbor Antipaxoi (or Antipaxi), produce the best olive oil in Europe.

Situated just south of Corfu it has a land mass of 25 sq. km and 46 km of coast. There are about 2300 residents. The beaches are beautiful and much less crowded than most in the Ionian Sea.

Island Features

 paxi paxoi greek islands  paxi paxoi greek islandsThis tiny and charming island is one of the canonical Seven Islands. The famous olive groves are protected from damage by environmentally sound means, adding to the allure of Paxi's olive oil. Someone once counted over 300,000 olive trees on this small island, some centuries old.

 paxi paxoi greek islands paxi paxoi greek islands  paxi paxoi greek islandsLess than five miles long, the island can be walked in a few hours. There are seven sea grottos and good swimming and fishing. Paxi is an upmarket small-is-beautiful alternative to Corfu and its throngs!

It does fill to the straining point in July and August, but other months of the year are wonderful for uncrowded enjoyment. The entire island has a cozy feel, and the people are so friendly that it quickly becomes a favorite spot for many visitors.

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