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Warning about ferry and flight cancelations due to winds and weather

mykonos windmillsMykonos can be windy for days at a time and usually is, so bring your moisturizer, hat, etc. If it's too rough, your boat back to Athens may be delayed or even cancelled.

Do not presume you can always get to or leave an island any old time you feel like it. You may have problems with arriving before your hotel reservations commence or leaving on a scheduled return boat to Athens and the airport! Boats get cancelled every summer. Sometimes for a few hours, sometimes for a day or more.

It's a good plan to leave a couple of extra days in Athens at both ends of the trip just so you are sure you can make your plane. The Meltemi Winds are worst in July and August. If the flight back to your home country or your next destination is able to take off and you miss it, the airlines do not provide refunds.

See those windmills up top in the picture? They are Aeolic Power Driven and were placed on that spot because its windy. Aeolis was the Ancient Greek God of Wind and had seven, or was it eight different manifestations, just to keep things simple. Old Aeolis can ruin your day.

Aeolis wore these Mykonian  windmills out. Only one still works and is open to the public June to Sept, 4-6 pm.

In Athens' Ancient Agora stands the ancient Tower of Winds devoted to Aeolis, a very in-your-face kind of God. Parts remain of an advanced water clock and carved marble depictions.

The Complete Useful Information

  • Pronunciation: 'me-ko-nhos'
  • Mykonos Telephone Code: 2289
  • Tel. code: 2289
  • Port Authority:Tel. 2218 & Tel: 23922
  • Piraeus Port Authority, Tel: 422-6000
  • Mykonos Tourist Police, Tel: (2289) 22482
  • Mykonos Police, Tel: (2289) 22235
  • Mykonos Town Hall: Tel: 22.201
  • Mykonos Archeological Museum: Tel: 22325
  • Mykonos Folklore Museum: Tel:  25591
  • Mykonos Nautical Museum: Tel: 22700
  • Mykonos Post Office (ELTA): Tel: 22.238
  • Mykonos Health Center: 23.994-7
  • Mykonos Town Tourist Info, Tel: 23990
  • Mykonos Postal Code: 84600
  • Mykonos Taxi Service: Tel: 23700 & 22400
  • Rafina Port Authority, Tel: 22940-22300/28888
  • Mykonos Airport Info, Tel: 22327
  • Mykonos Olympic Airways, Tel: 22495, 22490
  • Athens Olympic Airways, Tel: 210-966-6666
  • Athens Air Greece Office : 210-325-5011,2,3,4
  • Mykonos Customs: Tel: 22.492
  • Mykonos Bus Station (KTEL): Tel: 23.360
  • Mykonos Scuba Assoc : e-mail:
  • Mykonos Taxi, Tel: 23.700, 22.400
  • Mykonos Island Bus Service Info, Tel: 23360
  • AT&T ACCESS CODE: 08-800-1311
    just behind Taxi Sq on the waterfront, newspapers too!

Transport service on Mykonos

  • Mykonos has two bus stations
  • Bus stop #1 goes to: Aghios Stefanos, Tourlos, Ano Mera, Elia, Kalafatis, and Kalo Livadi
  • Bus stop #2 goes to:Ormos, Aghios Ioannis, Platis Gialos, Psarou, and Kalamopodi, the Airport
  • Mykonos Water Taxis: Depart to Delos daily 8 am to 10 am and to beaches: Paradise, Super Paradise, Agrari and Elia from Mykonos Town A.K.A. Hora and from Plati Gialos beach.

Getting there and Away

  • By Air to Mykonos: Daily Charters from UK, Ireland and other European cities arrive Mykonos in summer.
  • Greek Airlines depart Spata's EV International Airport (Athens) daily and in summer more often, to Mykonos and from it to: Thessaloniki, Rhodes, Santorini, and Heraklion, Crete.
  • To Mykonos From Piraeus By Ferry: Summers from Piraeus, 5 or 6 daily , usually depart 8 am and 2 pm takes about 6-7 hrs. Get there at least an hour early if you go 3rd class to stake out your seat. Be considerate of others and don't lie down on the benches.
  • To Mykonos from Rafina by Hydrofoil & Catamaran. In summer, and more sensitive to high wind restrictions, one to three depart daily, are faster and cost more (€30).

Mykonos Island Specialties

  • Salted white cheese 'kopanisti'
  • Almond candy 'amygdalota'
  • Fermented almond liqueur 'soumada'
  • Petros #? the (clipped-wing) Pelican is the island mascot.

Mykonos Holidays and Festivals

  • June 30th: Aghios Apostolou
  • August 29th: Aghio Ioannou
  • July 26th: Aghia Pareskevi
  • September 14th: Tou Stavrou
  • August 15th: Panagia Tourliani
  • September 26th: Aghio Ioannou

Shopping in Mykonos

  • WOMENS CLOTHES: JONNYBOY on Panahra St., Tel: 24690
  • INTERNATIONAL BOOKSTORE: Zouganneli 19, just behind Taxi Sq on the waterfront, newspapers too!
  • CLOTHING: accessories, swimwear, shoes, clubwear, coolwear, fashion art, fitness fashion sportswear, furs, jeans, and leather wear.
  • JEWELRY: many stores with gold, silver and platinum jewelry in traditional and modern designs.
  • ART & CERAMICS GALLERIES: at least two
  • ART STUDIOS: Five or more.
  • CARPETS & RUGS: at least one
  • HANDICRAFTS: two or three

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