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The Basics

Quick Facts: Ithika
Pronunciation ith-i-ka
Alternate Spelling Ithaca
Transportation Ferry
Main Attractions Odyssean Studies, Trekking
Food Many good choices
Accommodations Many good choices

ithika ithaki ionian greek islandIthika Page 1

ithika ithaki ionian greek island Ithika lies 2 nautical miles from Cephallonia. Its land mass is 96 sq. km and its coastline 101 km. It has a population of about 3,675 people.

It's a favorite with sailors because of its fine harbors.

Island Features

ithika ithaki ionian greek islandThe island is mountainous and has a rugged coast and good harbors but no really nice sandy beaches (wave walker shoes recommended). Its western coast is green while its eastern is rocky and barren.

Vathi, the main town and harbor sits in a beautiful bay, surrounded by mountains, with the ruins of two fortresses at each side of its entrance. There are other small villages, Stavro, Frikes and Kioni.

Many come here in search of proof of Homer's Odyssey. Every four years at Vathi's Center for Odyssean Studies there is an international congress.

This is a good island for walking. There are excellent trails.

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