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Sea Battle of Salamis Page 2

whatever but another cooler depictionThe Athenian Greek stratagem (last hope really) was to force the location of the battle at sea to within the tight constraints of the channel surrounding the island Salamis and the nearby coastline. This way the Persian navarchos could not bring the full strength of his superior numbers to bear.

The naval battle plan put forth by Themistokles was to out maneuver the Persian Navy's heavier ships by use of the smaller and more maneuverable Greek ones which were after all, purpose built for the areas sailing conditions. An added consideration was their entire evacuated Athenian population and remaining army was entrenched in Salamis and of necessity part and parcel of the outcome.

Themistokles plan worked and the Greek Navy was triumphant. Logistically Xerxes was now cut off from quicker supplies by sea and decided to race for home before winter. Before the battle of Salamis was joined however Themistokles sent a trick message to Xerxes via a supposed traitor. The message implied that if battle wasn't joined post haste that the Greek Navy would escape. Probalbly still exultant from his recent heady sacking of Athens, Xerxes and his admirals went for it. Herodotus Book 8 is good for the best account.

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